Our company brings a multifaceted perspective—Western/Eastern and Eastern/Western viewpoints— that help to effectively communicate expectations on both sides of the table. Accession and its specialists are uniquely oriented to present and research information in a manner that appeals to Western clients. 

Accession’s in-house cultural, language, and political expertise, paired with an in-depth understanding of Western business practices, allows us to offer a range of bespoke services that provide cultural and strategic orientation for penetrating, and maintaining, business in the Kurdish market and beyond.

Accession Strategies Co-Founder, Nicola Brooks, is an American who has lived in Jordan, Morocco, the US, and the UK. Co-founder Gulan Sleman, is a Kurd who has lived in Northern Iraq, the US, the UK, Canada, and Lebanon.

This two-way understanding of cultural, business, and politics between the Middle East and the West allows the strategic and cultural outcomes of our bespoke projects to be easily understood and applied by Western clients.