Gulan Sleman, Co-Founder & COO
Gulan oversees all programmatic initiatives for Accession, connecting partners to key stakeholders in the greater Iraq region. She previously has worked in oil and gas, and consumer advertising in Erbil. She has focused on cross-cultural entrepreneurship in the region, having organized Startup Weekend Erbil in 2014 and completed an MA in International Diplomacy from SOAS, University of London. Raised in Sulaymaniyah, she is fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English.

Nicola Brooks, Co-Founder & CEO
Nicola is responsible for the operational management of Accession, and the supervision of client deliverables. With a background in strategic communications and international development, she specialises in media in development, gender equality, and communications-focused projects. She has previously lived in Jordan and Morocco, and studied Levantine Arabic.

Shko Nawroly, Lead Regional Consultant
Shko is the primary contact on-the-ground in Iraq, being based between Erbil and Bagdad. With a background in foreign policy, he coordinates regional-based projects and acts as a liaison between international and domestic clients.